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Imagine lying on a surface that senses exactly how far to let you "sink in" so that every point on the contour of your body is supported. When you are not on that surface, it then "flows" back to its original, flat shape. NASA Administrator, Daniel S. Goldin, recognized Tempur-Pedic® for successfully using NASA technology to create economic opportunity and promote a better quality of life for humankind - in both the consumer and medical sector. It’s a sensation you have to feel to believe. Marvin & Toni’s Bargain Barn is proud to showcase Tempur-Pedic® mattresses.

The Perfect Alternative to Name Brands

The Bowles family has been in the mattress business for over 30 years. They are all directly involved in the management and ownership of the company.

Experienced craftsmen construct Bowles mattresses, from the economical to the most luxurious, using only the most select components in all sleep systems and exclusive wood foundations. At Bowles, the average length of service for each craftsman is now more than 15 years.

American Made
All Bowles Mattresses are constructed in the USA.

Bowles manufactures products that are similar in construction to the major brands and are competitively priced, offering a great value to the customer.